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If you enjoyed playing CivCrafter another new game under the same developer which you can play with your iOS and Android powered device. The good thing here is that you can connect your CivCrafter account to this brand new endless clicking game. So trap on your mining cap and get ready for some action. Here you can go through the depths of different tunnel in searching for monsters, loot and your ultimate fame. On your way you can collect spectacular treasures from ancient Civs which will let you play go lone wolf or you can decide to work with your Clan to collect all those artifacts and earn special bonuses until you find the ultra-rare Shiny Artifacts.

On your way you will experience battling monsters from the depths as well as boss monsters and harvest their fossils which will let you to earn passage to greater depths and darker secrets. And as you continue progress in game, you are able to build your own oil empire. You can form a clan and compete in the oil request. You need to mine oil in the old fashioned way or you can raid other players and ransack their oil supply into head-to-head battle of raw tapping skills. And ultimate expand your CIV and dominate the game through over 50 millions gamers world wide. Now if you are ready to take your part, you better start this game with some tips and guides as what we shared below:

1. It is not a good idea to invest too many rubies in Sculptors. Based on most players suggestion, it is better to have 50-10 sculptors since eventually they will catch up on you and you won’t have enough stone for them to keep building sculptures. So the key here is to let them work slowly but surely and eventually you will get lots of Statues that you need in game.

2. Participate with an active clan as soon as possible. Though you can play this game alone, but if you really want to dominate this game, the fact is, you really need the help of someone especially by joining an active clan. Keep in mind that the more active your clan is, the more artifacts and more oil they mine and the better will be for you when it comes on boosting your damage of your shovel as well as the percentage for you to earn rubies as this is what most top clans are wishing for as a reward. Plus through clan, you can communicate with other players and ask them with some useful information about the game. If they are using cheat, you can ask them where you can download this cheat for CivMiner or you can also share your strategy of playing this game effectively through clan.

3. Master the art of combo. I believe that as you just started playing this game, the game will not require you combos as you can easily tap the screen randomly and you can complete your task. But then as you continue making progress, you will see that the game is getting difficult and you will encounter blocks become more difficult to break so you really need to apply combos. So you should tap and break the same type of block in order to get the combos running. Just don’t forget o check out the sides since there will be blocks there too which you can skip if you wish to so you are able to get the maximum combos.

4. Focus on your goal. Your primary task here is to go down as deep as possible and you need to priority it. Unless you really want to collect as many rocks as possible, all you have to do is to focus on digging until you reach the middle of the screen. Using this trick, you will see that it is easier for you to go deeper faster.

5. Use your boosts wisely. As just started playing the game, it is not advisable to spend all your boost on your current level. Although you found it difficult to accomplish, still you can complete it even without spending boost. The best way to use these boosts is when you reach latter level wherein really need to play the game cleverly. Keep in mind that as you continue playing the game, you will see that blocks are getting harder and harder to destroy. Here, boost is very useful but don’t pile up on them and use them as soon as you get them to get the immediate advantage. The trick here is to keep your eye on the meter located at the top of the screen and don’t use them when you are relly close to the question mark which is the boss battle in game.

6. Losing a game will give you more chance to get rubies. I don’t know if you also notice it but as you can see upon losing a battle, you are able to get more ruby blocks and free rubies are always there for you to get. To take advantage with this tricks, just intentionally lose one in every three battles.

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