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We enlisted here almost all possible ways to dominate Chaos Fighters and now as many players asking where they can get exchange codes, reputation and vouchers, here is the answer to let them acquire it pretty simple. In addition to the main currency of Chaos Fighters, there are reputation and vouchers that can be exchange in the secret for actually the rarest items available in game. If you are thinking of downloading Chaos Fighters cheats for unlimited diamonds, maybe you should think twice because Reputation and Vouchers come to be more precious than diamonds as a matter of fact you can’t purchase it even with real money unlike with diamonds. While exchange codes are also can let you exchange for big rewards. Now with this guide let us share to you the possible way to claim these three special currency in game.


Let us start with reputation as this is easiest to find. Just go to arena and fight all those fifteen competitors in the row. Definitely you will get reputation from winning alone. Though it is easy to get if you got power to dominate the Arena. Well for beginners, you should go back for more tips and feed some tricks in game to be strong. Reputation stands literally as it is, and like in real world, reputation go with powers.

Now if you will say that you are beginner and don’t have much to cater with arena, you can still earn reputation through meditation. You can also interrupt other players in meditation to acquire reputation. And lastly the biggest reward when it comes to reputation is the World Tournament where you can win 500 reputation .


This is not actually common in game, but you can also earn through world tournament. If you can manage to win the first round you will get 50 and for quarter finals they will give you 100 vouchers. If you are strong enough and can win semifinal and be the champion you will get 150 vouchers and 200 vouchers respectively. There is also possibility to earn vouchers through quest rewards from the beginning. It is a good alternative especially if tournament is not your first choice.

Exchange Codes

Lastly the exchange codes that you can claim through social media. You can also check the developer website together with their official Facebook and Google Play page. Exchange codes works as promo codes that only few players can compensated. We believe that exchange codes system will be implemented later on where players can use one another codes to claim free items. Most games nowadays already had this kind of feature such as Hello Hero, Deadman’s Cross, Zombies Ate My Pizza and lot more.

 You can bookmark this website by pressing CTRL+D so you can return here for more method of getting easy vouchers, reputation and exchange codes.

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