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You will never imagine that even in a very simply touch screen technology you can play such game like this wherein you need to search for treasure in a perilous crypt. If you enjoy playing Crossy Road, you might get also hooked in this game as you will encounter the same schemes here. So you should survive pitfalls, traps, blades, spikes, lava, rickety rope bridges and ancient ruins and rolling boulders.  Now let’s start the game with some  guides and tips for playing the game effectively.

1. Collect coins on your way. In this game, you are able to collect coins through distance as well as picking up extra coins along the way. Just ensure to grab these as they will help you unlock further free gifts. With this set up, even without downloading Blocky Raider cheats for unlimited coins, you can still acquire it without any problem.

2. Take your time in playing this game. You will notice that the screen slowly scrolls upwards and if you let it rach your raider, you will be instantly killed in game. With this set up, the speed at which scrolls is very slow and so go ahead and take your time when dealing with traps and obstacles. It’s better to be slow and careful rather than rushing into an instant death.

3. Don’t forget to collect free gift. Upon hitting the quota or you waited long enough in game, you can collect your free gift. This compensation will usually give additional coins to you and sometimes if you are lucky enough, you will get rare stuff from simply opening the box.

4. Be aware with traps in game. Traps come in different way here you will see crusher as the two walls that slam into each other. These are kind of trap which are easy to avoid. The trick here is to just wait them to smash and then quickly hop fast. Aside from crushers there are also Mine carts which are very easy to notice with their crossing signals. When the signal is red, a mine cart will travel across the tracks. Just don’t be in the way when it goes and wait until it turns green before crossing your way. And for the difficult traps, there are fireballs which are designated by the scorched ground. Fireballs travel quick, so you need to ensure not to get caught by surprise. Boulders travel along a carved path in the ground while boulders themselves move relatively slow but they usually appear in multiples so you need to be very careful. There are also bear traps in game which are  periodically clam down on anything unfortunate enough to be standing on top. The tricks here is to wait until they clamp and then hop through the trap. And the same function with the Bear Traps, there are also spikes which works the same as bear traps. Just wait until they are down then you can advance on it.

Aside from typical traps which are waiting for their victim, there are also moving traps that will come across to your path such as saw blade that come out of walls and travel along them for a fixed distance. For you to pass it, you need to watch how far they go and where they spawn and you can move to it without any problem.

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