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The game is ready for you to join battle, recruit your team of heroes and lead powerful attacks and defeat the evil minions of Queen Amethyst in this addictive and free to play action role playing game.

The game will start as dreaded Queen has awoken and through her vicious that lie beneath the peaceful land of FellCrest. But there is a hope with our heroes who had long ago put up their swords and bows are back and ready to fight again for the glory of the land. And you as player, you are going to use these brave elves, mages and fighters to find their ancient weapons and relearn old battle spells to defeat the evil forces of Queen Amethyst. Now if you are ready to start your adventure, you must do it with some tips and tricks below:

1. Building your perfect deck. Keep in mind that every has specific cars they can equip so you will have lots of cards eventually in your hand. But don’t forget that only some of them available to a specific hero. Meaning to say,it will be easier for you to build perfect decks in this game even though it means that you might have to leave some good ones behind because you can’t equip Bree’s cards to Monty.

With this set, up it is actually pretty easy to have a perfect deck, all you have to do is balance. Just don’t rush to bring all your super high damage yet very slow to cash into your deck. There are times that you need fast cards for those scenario when an enemy has just a bit of health left or anything wherein you really need to eliminate your opponent in fast succession.

There also some instance wherein cards has their elemental property. Every hero belongs to an element actually and here you will see see that elements are strong against other elements but then weak against another element where you can get your advantage over your opponent. Just make sure to use a card that has advantage over your opponent but don’t forget to carry neutral cards when you are facing an elements that you are weak against it.

2. Complete your missions. This is what you need to focus with so for you to unlock more heroes in Battle and progress faster through the game, you should complete Quests as they help you boost your fame level faster and progress throughout the game without having any problem. This also work as a tutorial in game wherein it will guide your steps through the complext world of BattleHand. This work like this, if you can complete your quest without having a problem, you are playing on it otherwise, you need to improve the way you play the game.

3. Winning in most matches. Well for you to ensure that you are going to win battles, there different strategies that you can consider so you are able to get most from the battles. Keep in mind that your draw matters a lot as well as the opponents you are facing. The tricks here is to always look at who you are facing and if you have the chance to choose from multiple hero types, always try to go with the elements that are stronger against your opponent. Also it is good to focus on defeating enemies one at a time, focus fire as if this can eliminate your opponent faster. Also when attacking, try to choose the cards that will have you hit your opponent and eventually take them out before they strike first.

4. How to upgrade effectively. Well actually to make your upgrade become effective, you must not upgrade your cards early on. It is because there will be missions will require you to upgrade your cards and that is the best way for you to upgrade your cards since you are not only improving your arsenal but also able to acquire rewards from completing your quest. So you must wait until you reach that progress for you to upgrade.

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