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Just like in playing the first Angry Birds, you need to understand everything for you to play it effectively. You need to know the different kinds of birds that you can use in game and use it based on your advantage. So first you need to understand each of your birds’ powers as this will help you decide the right moment where you can use it and this will be your key on winning game. Aside from typical powers that you can unleash in game, you can also activate special powers which is extremely useful in game. For you to maximize its capabilities, you better read the guide below which will tell you every bird’s abilities and use it based on your advantage.

1. Matilda – This is actually the mother birds that is capable of producing eggs. The angry bird that drops an egg bomb when you tap the screen and her eggs can do massive blast for more damage. Also after laying the egg, she gets a bit of a boost that pushes her higher which will be extremely useful in stages where you can take out structures below and above through using her ability.

2. Terence – Consider him as a tank, big and chunky which is capable of destroying everything in his way. Though he has no special ability, but the massive power that allows him to break through anything in game can bring a total advantage to you.

3. Chuck – He plays like a bullet that will let him go in the straight line like a bullet once you tap the screen. Chuck is perfect in taking out wooden pieces so it is perfect when dealing with stone structure standing on a few wooden blocks.

4. Bomb – Definitely from the name itself, Bomb blows up either when you want him to blow by simply tapping the screen or you can patiently wait for him to land in particular area before detonating him. Actually most of the time, this can change the entire game from defeating to winning just ensure that you are going to use him to the fullest.

5. Red Bird – He is the angriest bird of them all, as red is a powerful bird that has a special ability that can move strong stone blocks around. Just simply tap the screen and it unleashes a gust of wind or energy which is capable of breaking those stones.

6. Blue Bird – This is one of the primary bird from Angry Bird one which the little fellow splits into three when you tap the screen and goes through ice like no other. He is perfect in combination with Frost spell but definitely useless against stronger materials.

7. Silver bird – The last and also the most difficult bird to master. Actually she is a new character from this sequel and her special ability is to start a loop once you tap the screen and then go downwards from the point where the loop starts. Sounds confusing and yet very promising as this is very helpful in tight situations where she can take out some blocks while doing the loops as well as for those hard to reach pigs hiding underneath the blocks. As a beginner, you will never find it useful as it has to be but still practice can help you improve and use it to the fullest.

With enough knowledge on different bird that you can use in game, we are expecting that you can use them to the fullest and win almost all rounds with it.


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