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It’s been months since game based app dominated the iTunes app chart and it is the Fallout Shelter who made it to number one from nowhere. Well as a number one app today, we are expecting that this game already reached millions of downloads that is why we want also to do our part in sharing some cheats and guide for this […]

You will play in the game from the distant future wherein zombies have overran the world. And the last hope for human is the small groups of survivors which have banded  together to form cities. As a player you will take charge of one of these said cities wherein you need to manage it carefully and improve everything on it. […]

Personally I like the concept of Ketchapp when developing and turning simple game into addictive game. As they came to mobile entertainment, they created lots of simple yet very addictive game to play for free. Now we want to introduce to you a new game that you can download for both Android and iOS platforms. In this game, your objective […]

Now dating and drifting game are in one title with Drift Girls that you are able to download for your iOS and Android powered device. In this game you are a drifter and as a drifter you popular in most girls so you are able to pick of girls as your objective is to move up in the ranks of […]

In this game you will sprint headlong into certain death and everything will be rest based on your mobile reflexes. Just run longer, jump higher and definitely try harder. So the game is about running, jumping and gliding throughout different death traps. If you feel that you are playing with difficult levels, you can use power-ups that will help you […]

I hope this will come to us just to promote the upcoming new Terminator installment. I’m expecting to witness a new game as an avid fan of Terminator series. The game is about the dark times for humanity as the year 2028 wherein the Skynet is in full control. In this game, you will take the role of John Connor […]

From the developer of very popular endless running game, Subway Surfers, now you are able to play Blades of Brim as a brand new exciting game with lots of new elements and gameplay mechanics to brings twist with the old endless running game. I believe that since there are hundreds of endless running game that you can download for free, […]