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We recently shared Farms & Castle as a newest puzzle game that you can download for both iOS and Android platforms. In this game you will play as the Sustainability Augmentation Model or also known as SAM, on your quest to save the Chroma civilization. To perform your purpose, you need to travel from planet to planet to utilize natural […]

SquareEnix known for bringing fantasy into the real world now here together with the release of their newest app for both Android and iOS, Farms & Castles. The game is about addictive puzzle game that already reached millions of download. In this game, you need to build towering castles and huge farms through matching objects. On your way you can […]

This is all about cuteness and fun as you spend the summer on a mystical island beach full of magical creatures. Creatures that you can breed to hatch a very adorable babies. As part of your gameplay you can take part in all new events in unlocking exclusive animals and decorations. The cool thing here is that you can enjoy […]

Your primary objective here is to avoid the blades as long as you can and I believe that you get it from the title on the first place. On your way you can collect coins to unlock new characters which is your top motivation to keep on playing this game for hours. The game has a very simple set up: […]

From Locojoy and Firefly games together, they released a new app entitled, Rush of Heroes as an excellent role playing game. Technically this is the ultimate parody of action RPG experience  under 3D visual effects. In this game you will command a self-aware team of heroes on their quest in fighting monsters and epic bosses for the sake of awesome […]

This is a mash up of different heroes across the Marvel universe to fill up a new twist that you never seen before. Being a game with different heroes to witness expect that you are going to enjoy a different thing wherein you can harness the power of Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America and lot more to save the […]

Last year we enjoyed Kim: Kardashian: Hollywood and not another new app that is based from Hollywood star that you are able to play with your mobile platform. Enjoy Pocket Gems’ newly released super celebrity-themed adventure game, Demi Lovato: Path to Fame. In this game you will join Demi Lovato and her entourage to her tour. So you need to […]