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Endless is literally endless since there are so-called endless game that you can download for free. Now we want to share to you a new endless game, the Amazing Stairs. Here you will endlessly climb the stair and hit the top score as your ultimate objective. As an endless game, you are able to play until you accidentally take the wrong step and fall right off. As a simple one touch arcade game, this is about the test of your reflexes as you try to climb up an endless sequence of stairs. To encourage you play this game for hours, the game offers competition against you and your friends and see who can climb the highest. As you continue making progress, you are able to earn coins that you can use in game. Now if you are ready to play this game, you better start it with some tips and tricks below:

1. Removing ads cheat. If you are just like us who get really annoyed with some advertisement popups, don’t worry because you can remove it even without spending cash just mere trick. All you have to do is to turn off the data and the Wi-Fi in your phone or you can turn it into airplane mode and you will never see the ads again. But then, the disadvantage here is that you are not able to earn more coins from the videos. Yes somehow these videos will help you acquire more coins in game, just lend your patience in watching videos.

2. Unlock new characters. We mentioned on getting more coins in game, actually this is what you need to purchase new characters. So you need to collect coins as you go and save them for a character. The only thing about new characters is that this is only for the sake of aesthetic and technically it doesn’t have something new to offer. Now if you want to earn more coins easier, just wait until the film ===> coins button lights up which is does after every third round and then tap it. After that you will see an advertisement video that will pop up which you can watch and let you earn more coins.

3. Bar cheat. In game you will see the bar located at the top of the screen which you can use as your advantage. The bar always drains at the same speed regardless of how many points you, have. The trick here is through pausing the game as even this gradually run out even you pause the game, once you step again, it will refill a good amount. So you can pause for similar amounts of time no matter where on the staircase you are at.

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