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If you enjoy playing Pirate of Everseas, you might also like this new pirate battle RPG for iOS powered gadgets as well as for your browser. In this game you and your crew will sail around the Caribbean going to Florida and to Venezuela for the sake of treasure and engaging battle against other pirates on your way. To let you play your part to the fullest you might consider some tips and walkthrough guides of playing Age of Wind 3 below.

You must remember that you need two things on your voyages. The first one is the crew members and rum. This is what you need to when you decided to go for adventure. You can get Rum by collecting through shop and crew this is can be acquire from the tavern. After collecting those resources you need to wait for it to generate and later on you can collect again from these assets. So you need to wait and come back for them to fill up or you can spend trophies as premium resources for you to make them fill up instantly.

You can also use Age of Wind 3 cheats to instantly refill your resources. Here you don’t need to download tool or to sign up survey, just go to your gadget settings and find the time adjustment and there you can set your gadget’s time ahead and once you get back in game you will see that you have instantly refilled those energy. After that, you can set back the time and you will see that there is no changes for your resources as they are only filled those vacancy. This is the easier and the best way to dominate the game because of unlimited action that you can do in game through glitches.

The battle will become more challenging as you make progress in game. Your primary edge is that you must ensure to have a proper position advantage from your opponent. Example properly targeting and evading is actually 99% with the trick of staying away from the side of any ships, instead focus on defeating one ship at a time. If you are in attacking position you need to aim the target out in the front of ship for better accuracy.

For a first time player, you might find this game difficult to play especially if you missed this guide before. So the trick here is to track the map and if ever you see skull and crossbones, that should be your next location. To ensure that you will never lose in game, just complete your quests one by one until you defeated Jack Benny where you will be granted to unlock the shipyard.

As we mentioned the shipyard, here you can build any ship you want to add to your fleet. You can also upgrade ships with shipyard.

Serious in playing Age of Wind 3? You must bookmark this website so you can return here for more tips and tricks of playing not only this game but for almost all Android, Facebook and iOS.

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  1. jack sparrow says:

    how to defeat a fort

  2. Luca Spinelli says:

    You are so interesting! I do not believe I’ve read through a single thing like this before. So good to find someone with original thoughts on this subject. Seriously.. many thanks for starting this up. This web site is something that is needed on the internet, someone with a bit of originality!

  3. Voltar X says:

    how to change your name

  4. Jolly says:

    I am on infinite battle with no more missions. How do I get past this?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ma per la balena con la torre sopra?

    • The Merchant of Venice says:

      il modo per batterla è essere dotati di ancora e qualche kit di riparazione da carpentiere. Prima gli tiri addosso l’ancora, poi quando si è inabissata la balena puoi colpire la torre con i semplici cannoni. In questo modo in 2 minuti hai vinto la battaglia.

  6. Hejmakato says:

    Some tips for all mission:

    1-Stay away from the side of enemy ships. Always be in front of them.
    2-use harpoons for large creatures such as whales, invisible ship, and giant squid.
    3-for super hard targets, use storms. 2 or 3 storms would destroy a ship.
    4-If you get killed, don’t be sad. You will only lose your crew after you surrender. (This only works when all of your ships are destroyed.)
    5-for those who doesn’t know how to change ability. Did you see there’s some buttons at the right bottom corner? There’s task, power up and abilities, ships and cargos and map button. Good luck for you.
    6-Don’t always trust random skills. It will always give you useless skills at your situation. Always buy skills (trade) to prevent getting useless skills.

    That’s all for the tips.

    • Hejmakato says:

      Oh yes, nearly forgot to say:

      7-Use high skilled cannoner and fire in short distance to destroy the fort. They won’t able to shoot you. But remember, there’s still some exception.

  7. Joe says:

    How do you get more missions? I paid the 50000 to marry the girl and I have the endless battle, but I don’t have any more missions? What do I do?

  8. Isaac The Great says:

    To defeat the KRAKEN ,
    Follow these steps :
    First,u have to use the ability for mending along with high skilled canoneer(only available in updated version).
    Then if u have ship like at least a fully upgraded galleon ,
    Then first sell all ur goods.
    Second:buy tea which is required for high skilled canoneer
    Then wood for mendind as much as possible.then while fighting with the kraken while he rotates in a bigger circles you have to be rotating in a smaller one.and fire at its mouth .U will easily win with these steps.

  9. Java says:

    It’s easy to defeat ships if you evade fire and use power ups that lower the enemy’s defences

  10. Java says:

    Frigates are used widely in battle of four captains!!!

  11. Java says:

    One quest will give you 100000

  12. Java says:

    Use hook for ANY invisible enemy, including whales, sea Devils, etc.

  13. Java says:

    In the last battle with SWABLE, use thunderclouds against every one.

  14. TheMan says:

    I defeated squid with galeon LoL

  15. Coolspider says:

    Do you guys have an strategy to gain tropies fast?

  16. Tifuss says:

    Bonsoir à tous, grrr il m énerve ce bateau invisible ^^ une soluce a me donner ? biz merci

  17. Eleven Eyes says:

    Me he quedado atascado en la misión que por segunda vez cruza el remolino. Cuando hay que quemar los barcos y cañonearlos, todos mis barcos acaban hechos fosfatina.

  18. hkb says:

    how do you complete final battle need helllllp fast

  19. Tommy says:

    Stuck on giant squid at the end. Any ideas on how to beat it?

    • Anonymous says:

      I went in to the fight with ship repair as one of my powers and wind as the other. I also went in with three ships (two of which got beat pretty quick) leaving me with a half improved Manowar. My cargo was full and I used the third random power frequently. Using the wind power I stayed out from in front pretty well. Ramming the body would throw my ship in the air but damage was limited and seemed to impart damage on the squid. Kept going in circles and using the rocks to slow the squid. Occasionally got a shot and a good ramming run. Random powers got stuck on the hypnotize which doesn’t do anything. Took a while to wear it down.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just use storm ability. A lot. And harpoon helps.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am also stuck on the squid

  20. Sketch_117 says:

    Need money fast how do I do that

  21. Anonymous says:

    Oh and the easiest way to get a lot if money is by playing the knife game. Always go for ten thousand dollars. If you don’t haveten thousand dollars start with one thousand and work your way up from there

    • ..... says:

      this was true till new update and now time for response in knife game is much shorter for 10 k bet, so try to combine this and dice game i did so and after some try and miss did save enough money to build 2 Manowar at beginning of the game and finished all quests with them in few days…

  22. Anonymous says:

    Why is the build time for the manowar so long. It takes five fays t complete.

  23. sherlock skipper says:

    How can i defeat the giant squid in the last mission?

  24. Alfa212 says:

    im stuck in the “Quest_ML_42_Battle_descrition”
    can someone help me?

  25. TheCoolKyle says:

    Ok guys I see that most of you are stuck on the whale.. 1) 3 ships are highly recommended 2) the Anchor-like thing 3) when the whale is blowing out water shoot the whale…More Questions??.. Just ask me!

  26. Hesci says:

    How can i destroy the ford?

  27. Wolf says:

    Please answer me !!! How can i walkthrough : Battle til the end !!

  28. juan says:

    Por que después de pagar 50000 mil para que se case alguien no hay mas misiones

  29. juan says:

    Por que despues de pagarle 50000 mil a una persona para que se casa con la hija no hay mas misiones

  30. rider8795 says:

    Hear are some ship prices Nau-5000 Caravel-7500 Xebec15000 Junk-28000 Carrack-42000 Galeon-60000 Brigantina-80000 Brig-105000 Snaw-150000 Frigate-180000 Corvette-360000 Battleship-450000 and Manowar-6000000

  31. Anonymous says:

    Why am i out of quests after i payed the guy 50000 gold for the marriage. Abd im stuck on fight till the end ? Its saying 0 quest available

  32. Kolyei says:

    How do you switch ships once you have more than 2?

  33. Kev says:

    Como paso la misión rápido y ágil, es la única que me falta :'(

  34. vern says:

    How do you defeat “fight to the end”?

  35. peanur says:

    How do u get the blood potions

  36. Fearless says:

    How do you mend your ships?

  37. Christopher X says:

    How do I use weapons other than the cannon?

  38. jimmy says:

    How do you equip a ship with the harpoon AFTER defeating the whale?

  39. Court says:

    Does anybody know how to defeat the old fort

  40. Ian the Robert says:

    Well, i figured out everything else, except the final battle…. sink the raft.

    Is it impossible to defeat the giant invisible ship or am i just dumb or something?

  41. Chozin says:

    how do you beat a fort

    • Ian the Robert says:

      I have discovered that when you are literally next to the fort, I mean you cant get any closer because you’ve actually run into it close… the fort will stop firing at you. They pretty heavy on defenses, so it will still take a while to defeat them, but just keep at it and you’ll take them down.

  42. Brian says:

    How do you beat the quest “Cross the Finish Line” do you need a really small shop or something??

      • Ian the Robert says:

        Which is that mission? The one where youre doing challenges for that one guy? Honestly, a small ship doesnt hurt, but its really just practise and learning the paths… trial and error. Yeah, those missions SUCK, but you can do it.

        • Axetra says:

          Yeah, but what do they want me to do in Bold an Accurate?

          • Crazy Rooster says:

            You have to destroy all the cannons firing at you. When they fire the cannon balls will hit your projected location at the time they were fired. So as soon as they fire make a course change and you shouldn’t get hit.

  43. felix says:

    When i press the button for harpoon nothing happen why ?

  44. Big D says:

    How do you defeat the forts ?

  45. Stephen says:


    • GLRYRDR says:

      How to defeat the Giant Whale in Age of Wind 3: Use the harpoon. You need to point the bow of your ship directly at the whale and fire the harpoon using the button on the right side of the screen. Your ship will then reel in the harpoon and ram the whale. This stuns the whale giving you time to circle around it firing your cannons. Repeat until the giant whale is dead.

    • Jaybird says:

      The whale is only vulnerable when he is blowing water up like a fountain. Time your attack to hit him when he’s spraying. Once you get this down, it’s easy.

    • jason says:

      To defeat the whale first hold your harpoon at the ready.
      Have yout boat face towards the whale and as soon as it lets the water fountain up in the air Fire your harpoon. Be aware once you hit the whale concentrate on moving off the top of the whales head because it can still damage you and just keep firing your cannons.
      Also its best to have your boat as upgraded at this time of the game.
      Good look

  46. S says:

    How do you kill the darnn whale? I have no more missions except this! Help!

    • Jaybird says:

      The whale is only vulnerable when he is blowing water up like a fountain. Time your attack to hit him when he’s spraying. Once you get this down, it’s easy.

  47. D says:

    agree what walkthrough ?

  48. ninja turtle says:

    where is the walkthrough! how do you defeat that freaken giant whale!!!

    • Jaybird says:

      The whale is only vulnerable when he is blowing water up like a fountain. Time your attack to hit him when he’s spraying. Once you get this down, it’s easy.

    • B Boy says:

      You also need a pretty decent ship too. Both in speed and HP.

      • Anonymous says:

        I did it with caravel, but i cant get through the quick and agile cont.. Wheres that path?? 🙂

        • Anonymous says:

          From the start go up and right to the outside edge of the islands then follow edge down to the green arrow atleast thats how i did it

  49. Dirty Skipper says:

    Good Introduction. Now can you actually show us the REAL walkthrough AND NOT AN INTRODUCTION!

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