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frontline commando 2

Upon knowing different elements of Frontline Commando 2 through walkthrough, now it is time to share to you some tips and tircks in playing this game. Simple yet effective as we believe that not all players already discovered these:

1. Grenades are the best way to eliminate multiple enemies including covered.

2. You can earn up to 10 victory points per match in PvP based on your performance.

3. There is a mission where you can use trial weapons, use it to earn ideas if this is worth to purchase in the future.

4. Considering different kinds of weapons, assault rifles is your versatile tool in killing enemies in almost all situations.

5. Power-ups can boost your overall maximum damage rating.

6. Get away yourself from paywalls as this make the game crash all the time.

7. Drone is perfect if you want to distract the attention of the enemies aiming at you.

8. In selecting weapon in a certain mission, you should consider the warning message based on the difficulty of the mission based on weapon your are currently equip. Always go for their recommendation unless you already mastered the weapon of your choice.

9. In killing series of enemies, consider the combo meter to keep your combo bonus going for more war cash rewards.

10. Every squadmate has their own position and unfortunately you can’t change that so include mate that can handle their position for the team. It is not recommended to put 2 snipers in your squad.

11. Overall there are 20 levels of rank in PvP and every level there is corresponding special reward on it.

12. In dealing with massive numbers of enemies, you must have cover and approach as much as you can to the target you want to kill. Definitely the further away you are, the longer for you to kill them all.

13. Not only you can deploy drones but also your enemies and the best to counter is to deploy yours too.

14.  There is only one way to destroy helicopters is with the use of RPG. Don’t waste your grenades against it.

15. The best way to fight most bosses is through headshot.

16. Did you know that you can still buy additional grenades and RPG through pause menu?

17. If wish to have free gold, aside from using cheats, you can consider level up and completing all skulls in campaign.

18. Always look for the opportunity to get explosion aside from RPG and grenades. You shot explosive barrel to cast an explosion against enemies.

19. Yes you can also destroy vehicle by using normal weapons but the best way is to use either explosive barrels, grenades or RPG.

20. If wish to invest in Frontline Commando 2 by purchasing gold with your real cash, you should purchase the The Elite Spec Myster Crate that contains superb teammates such as Gunner, Scourge, and Ozzie Ace.

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22 Responses so far.

  1. rafikilord says:

    how can events be unlocked???

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why no event

  3. Motopsycho says:

    There is no icon shown for using rpg

  4. Motopsycho says:

    How to use rpg

  5. Kelvin says:

    How can I get more skulls in order to unlock level 19 in frontline commando 2

  6. Kelvin says:

    How can I get more skulls in frontline commando 2

  7. Totti says:

    How to unlock events in Frontline commado 2

  8. Dhdism says:

    Who are the drone squad mates

  9. Aski says:

    I have 1 rpg and 3 gernades but unable to understand how to use them

    Any help?

  10. karamjot says:

    how to unlock event in frontline commando 2

  11. Ess says:

    What is combo kill

  12. Anonymous says:

    Get 3 done kill

  13. OPAWSKY says:

    How do you get OZZIE? I can take 3 for 1 grenade however it always comes up as 1 grenade kill. For 3 grenade kills, should I use 3 as well?

  14. Kentoyo says:

    I sold my squad mate. How can I bring them back

  15. pootisbagel says:

    Cant open crates where are they

  16. none says:

    Last event 3 times I won all five levels, I spent 50 gold coins for drones and grenades, only to get twice 3- 4 k of worthless currency, from which I have over 1 500 000. It was interesting that I played at the last minute before event was over, and after 2 level I received award 3 drones…

  17. Anonymous says:

    bakwas hai sab

  18. Abdulgafar says:

    How can I get RPG squad mate on frontline comm 2

  19. Abdulgafar says:

    How can I get drone, RPG and grenades kill.

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