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tiny dice dungeon

We already shared to you one of the important cheats that you can use to have unlimited stamina as you can use this to earn further advantage in game. There you don’t need to download any tool anymore but only making a benefits out of glitches so this will ensure that this will not involve you to any surveys or string attachment.

Now if you don’t feel of using cheat as you believe that this can ruin the crispiness of the game, you can consider some walkthrough tips below for fair yet effective way of playing Tiny Dice Dungeon:

1. Grind. Grind. Grind. This is your bestfriend if you want to get lots of coins, dice shards and experience without downloading cheating tool. In grinding, you can run on previous dungeons and fight monsters within where you will find it easier for you to do as this was already finished. The best thing in grinding is that not only you can boost your resources and XP but also there is a chance for you to capture new monsters.

2. Overkill means more money. Don’t feel sorry in making tons of damage, this is effective especially if you are looking forward to earn additional money. So even your enemy is on critical condition, you can still do a massive attack for overkilling and it will rewards you more coins.

3. Get additional HP from overkill. Not only coins but also you can restore your health upon making an overkill attack from your enemy. The logic is simple, the stronger your attack is, the more health you can get.

4. More dice roll means more money. In addition in farming for more coins, dice roll can also turns up into coins at the end of your turn. The logic is simple, the more dice you throw, the more coins you will receive. This is a good choice for those who wish to get favor from taking a big risks.

5. Playing without energy. If you are not fan of using the shared cheat for unlimited energy, you can still play the game and fight. The only matters here is that you are not able to collect your loot reward at the end of your run. I don’t know what is the reason why you should fight without getting a reward or maybe it is all for the sake of enjoyment. On the end, you can still use the tricks mentioned in our previous post regarding with Tiny Dice Dungeon if you wish to play it with compensation.

6. Mind poison attack. There are some times that you will lose in game because of poison attack. This is because you missed to manage that attack’s damage. Don’t forget that poison damage occurs at the end f your turn so ensure that you must have enough HP before ending a turn once you are under influence by poison.

7. Get additional money from doing some poison attack. This is not as easy as doing a typical overkill attack as you need to practice it and initiate a good timing but indeed poison attacks is the perfect way to overkill those low-energy monsters using your huge attack. Example, a monster has one hit point, a 30 rolled up with poison affiliation dice won’t cause instant damage  but rather it will cause the monster to explode in a massive damage once your turn is up. There you will see lots of additional cash on your way.

8. Monster is able to capture or not. If you see a monster that has an overhead note says “Roll (number) meaning to say you can capture that specific monster by getting the specific number out of your dice. There is a rule here, once you roll over you can’t capture the them anymore.

9. Balanced dice works best. This is based on observations of other players who shared their experience of getting sets of numbers for your dice. You can use different kinds of dice to get the advantage based on your strategy. You can use standard attack dice, dice that will add effects to your moves, there is a dice that will restores health after an attack. For beginner, you should consider a balanced dice since you really don’t have specific strategy to work with. As this rate your doing trial and error with your technique so this is the best way to test everything that works fine for you.

10. Uncut dice for ultra shards. Since we already mentioned different play with dice, you might also good to consider uncut dice for better gameplay result. The logic is simple, the more uncut dice you smash at one time, the higher the probability for you to get an ultra shard. This ultra shard is wildcards that can be used to forge any type of die.

11. Grind monster’s XP before releasing. In game you can release monster if you don’t feel to use this to fight for your team and by doing it you will gain reward. The trick here is to boost your monsters level first before releasing them to get additional rewards.

12. Get compensated from Phoenix ups. One of the most important item in game as this can revive fainted fighters on battle. Because once your monster get killed in battle, there is no way for them to earn XP so the trick here is to revive them first before ending the battle you must revive those dead monster. You must also consider upgrading your Phoenix ups so it will give you more hit points upon resurrection. Without a high level of Phoenix Ups, it is more likely to happen that those recently revived characters will be wiped out again with just a single hit as they are still HP-disabled after reviving.

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